BIKEFIT - General Quick Fix / TroubleShooting Chart

개인적인, 수월한 정비 및 피팅을 위한 적정 토크값 정리 포스팅.

프레임 Cervelo R3 2014

2014 Cervelo Owner's Manual 24-25p

스템 Extralite HyperStem O12 31.8mm ±12°

티타늄 볼트가 딸려있고 적정 토크값은 3Nm, 4max.

HyperStem O-12 90mm Downward

기존 6도 100mm Downward 대비 Effective Length ↓, Effective Rise↓

이전보다 핸들바 위치가 가까워지고 낮아지게 됨.

Stem Base Point / Length / Rise

12도인만큼 스페이서는 모두 제거해야 모양이 날 듯.

핸들바 Ritchey SuperLogic Logic II Road 31.8

Weight 188/190/193 g (40/42/42 cm)

너비 40, 드롭 125, 리치 72

휠셋 Fulcrum Racing Zero clincher Shimano 8/9/10/11

2015 FULCRUM Racing Zero Clincher

2015 펄레제 클린처 + 슈발베 원 25c V-Guard(날카로운 물체 펑크방지)

펄크럼 레이싱 제로 클린처

림높이 프론트 25mm / 리어 30mm

림너비 20.5mm

무게 1440g

기존 AX-Lightness P38T: 림높이 38mm, 림너비 26mm, 무게 985g


 This special triple milling makes it possible to reduce the peripheral weight of these road bike rims and to increase the reactivity of the wheels. Differentiated rim height: 26mm at the front to have a good handling; 30mm at the rear to transfer all the power to the wheel.


 The front hub has been redesigned, the new model is smaller and so lighter. Smoothness is ensured by the famous USB™ ceramic bearings. The cap and cone technology maintains the most efficient angle of contact between the bearings and bearing seat, increasing the smoothness and durability. The front carbon hub and oversize aluminum rear flange provide an innovative mix that provides excellent torsional rigidity and consequently a greater reactivity. Greater reactivity to each change in pedaling time and more efficient power transmission to the wheel.


 Aluminum spokes: a precise choice to ensure optimal rigidity and a special attention to aerodynamics. Aluminum nipples: thanks to the light weight they reduce the peripheral mass, enemy of reactivity.

11-25T에서 11-28T 교체시 체인교체는 필요없단다.

리어드레일러가 알아서 해결해준다고.


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