Dear Theta Registered User,

In the past month since Theta’s debut, we had an overwhelming interest in our private presale. We deeply appreciate the support we’ve gained from all parts of the world. We were oversubscribed and had to cut back most of the presale in order to protect our hardcap. We believe in self-discipline and “running lean” in order to achieve long term success for the whole community.

In light of this, and after consulting with our advisors including our legal counsel, we have decided to cancel our public token sale that was scheduled for January 8, 2018. We truly appreciate your support, your time and attention to our project, as part of our success lies in having such an amazing community. For those who passed our KYC, and whitelisted a wallet address as of January 3, we may airdrop some Theta tokens as a token of our appreciation. Stay tuned for the date and amount of our airdrop, we’ll post on our website when ready.

세타토큰이 프라이빗 프리세일에 완판되는 바람에

퍼블릭 토큰세일이 취소되고,

위로금?으로 세타 100개를 받게 되었습니다.

아래 호쿼(HOQU, HQX) 코인 이더지갑 매뉴얼과 비교하며,

마이이더월렛에 세타토큰을 커스텀 토큰으로 추가하는 방법을 보겠습니다.

In order to see your HQX Tokens after transfer in the “Claim” section on your Ethereum wallet, please click "Add custom token" at

  • Enter wallet

  • Click “Add custom token” as marked on the screenshot

  • Click “Save” to see the HQX tokens displayed on your wallet account

사용할 사이트는 이더리움 토큰 모니터인 이더플로러.io


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마이이더월렛 로그인 - 커스텀 토큰 추가

얻은 컨트랙 주소와 토큰기호, 소수 자릿수를 넣어주면

지갑에 있는 THETA 토큰을 바로 모니터 할 수 있습니다.


THETA Airdrop - Claimed

세타토큰 에어드랍 예정일: 2018년 2월 5일

[] THETA/ETH Market

세타토큰은 게이트, OKEX, 후오비 거래소에 상장되어 있습니다.

THETA - Company Investors

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Carom & 3C
Gaming etc.
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